Walking Down The Boulevard
Hey! I'm Alvin and I will be attending CSULB this fall (2013)
I love: My friends, kpop, food, photo editing ETC.
Sorry if this blog is cruddy, but it's mainly a mish-mosh of kpop, my edits, and just random things!
I'm not that weird I swear! Get to know me!
Here we go: Senior apparel design.

Last year, I entered the contest and I swear to you…I’m not gloating, but I had one of the better designs. But since it’s a popularity contest, I lost.

This year, I got a lot of hype on the design I made. Our senior class president posted my design onto the senior FB page and a lot of ppl liked it. But the design they’re liking doesn’t have my name on it…so they don’t know who designed it.

Sigh…if it turns out bad again….I’ll hate the class LOL